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Cristina Garcia was born in Spain (Madrid) October 1995.

She was raised around different continents, traveling from many different shows and theaters with her family, following their footsteps being the 5ft generation of artistic performers. She started training at a very young age and had her first performance with 5 years of age. With only 16 she left her family to make her dream come true of  working independent and discover new places. Thats when she got her first contract in the well known Palazzo dinner shows in Germany. As an extraordinary adaptive character, she got to create many different versions of her acts. Her bow and arrow contortion and the contortion trapeze are seen in many different variations. As she grew with her career, she got to perform in shows all over the world. Ohlala (Zurich), Palazzo (Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Saarbruken, Munich, Freiburg),

Lio (Ibiza), Circus Flic Flac (Germany),

Ovag Variete (Germany), Norwigean Epic cruice ship (Mediterranean sea), Festival de Albacete bronce winner (Spain) and Spain got Talent (Semmi-finalist) are some stops of her succesful artistic career, so far....


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